Creative ways to use leftover food | Leftover Recipes

Find out the amazing ways you can use leftover foods to make a delicious meal with a blend of cream cheese and few ingredients.

No one enjoys eating the same food over and over again. You can convert those leftovers into a delicious opportunity if you put your thinking hat on. In this article, we'll look at how to deal with leftovers problems (for example, what can I do with leftover chicken? My children will not even look at it, let alone eat it!). We understand your troubles, and we're here to help you utilize those leftovers and prevent food waste.

Chicken Leftover Recipes

Although most people dislike leftover chicken, however, this meat can be recycled into a completely different dish you will definitely love. All it takes is a spark of creativity.


Add leftover chicken to a lush green salad for a delicious twist. Not only does it give protein and tremendous nutritional value (enough to elevate a salad from a side dish to the main course), but the presence of the salad dressing and all the textures and flavor hides the idea that this is the same leftover chicken that no one would eat 10 minutes before.


Want to know how we turn leftover chicken into a delicious sandwich? It’s Swiss Premium cheese spread. And lots of it. Take bread slices, spread lots of delicious cream cheese, sprinkle pepper and spices, top up with leftover chicken onions and tomatoes. Tadaa! Your sandwich is ready.

Mac and cheese

Swiss premium cheese spread + pasta + leftover chicken = the ultimate mac and cheese. A simple equation that takes less than 15 minutes to solve. Dinner is served.

Vegetable Leftover Recipes

You go shopping, fill your basket with fresh and colorful vegetables, and feel good about yourself as you check out at the grocery. Then you arrive home, put them in the fridge, and forget about them until they expire in your vegetable drawer. Does this sound familiar? If yes, it's time to make a change. Here are some ideas to use your leftover vegetables:


Frittata is great recipe for Suhoor! Simply sauté your favorite vegetables before adding eggs, cream cheese spread for that silky smooth texture and rich flavor. A nutrient-dense Suhoor is on its way!


Blend some leftover cooked vegetables to produce a paste, then combine that mixture with cream cheese spread to make your trademark pasta sauces, hummus (roasted red pepper hummus anyone?), or sandwich spreads.


A quick and easy way to use up leftover vegetables is to make pasta. Cook the pasta, add your favorite cream cheese sauce, and your leftover vegetables will blend right in. In a mixing bowl, combine garlic-infused olive oil, creamy cheese spread, and delicious spaghetti. Then, for more spice, add freshly ground pepper or a handful of chilli flakes, as well as an extra drizzle of olive oil to boost flavor.

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