Cheddar Cheese (TIN) - 180 grams

Cheddar Cheese (TIN) - 180 grams

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Satisfy your cravings with our mouthwatering cheddar cheese, carefully packaged in a convenient tin. Every delectable bite of our cheddar cheese will leave you wanting more. Discover the ultimate fusion of flavor and convenience with our tantalizing cheddar cheese in a tin option. Best for Sandwiches and Salads.

Cheddar Cheese (Made from Cow’s Milk), Vegetable Oil, Emulsifying (E331,E340,E452), Non-fat Milk Solid, salt, Acidity Regulator (E270), Color (E160b)

Nutritional Information Per 100 GMS:
Carbohydrate: 7 gms
Energy: 1100 kcal
Protein: 19 gms
Salt: 2 gms
Fat: 17 gms
Total Quantity: 180 gm TIN

Storage Information:
Maintain a cool and dry environment to preserve the freshness and deliciousness!
Store it in the refrigerator at a temperature of 5 °C
The product has a one-year expiration from the manufacturing date.
For optimal flavor, it is recommended to consume the product within three months after breaking the seal.