Chocolate Cheesecake

What Inside


1 Cup Swiss Premium Cream Cheese Spread 

1 Packet Cookies 

1 Packet Unsalted Butter 

1 Tub Melted Chocolate 

1 Vanilla Extract 

2 Packets Milk Pack Whipping Cream 

1 Small Block Dark Chocolate

Cooking Steps

First we are going to crush the oreos. Put them into a ziplock bag. Seal it up. FINELY CRUSH THE OREOS. Then you’re going to pour the oreos into a small mixing bowl. ADD THE MELTED BUTTER 60g. Add your melted butter. MIX WELL and you’re going to stir them together. 1-2 Tbsp Per RAMEKIN About one to two tablespoons per ramekin. PRESS FIRMLY. And just press it down. The next step is to mix in your Swiss Cream Cheese Spread with your nutella 1 CUP - SWISS PREMIUM ORIGINAL CREAM CHEESE SPREAD. You’re going to use the whole jar. ADD MELTED CHOCOLATE. MIX WELL. And you’re gonna give that a nice thorough mix. Then you’re gonna add in your vanilla. ADD 1 Tsp VANILLA EXTRACT. MIX WELL. Give that a nice mix. The third step is to whisk your whipping cream. You want that to be nice and cold, straight from the fridge. ADD 1 CUP CREAM. WHISK UNTIL FOAMY. You are going to whisk it until it forms soft. ADD THE MIXTURE. Pour it in and fold it together. MIX WELL. MIX WELL TILL WELL COMBINED. And you’re just going to spoon your mix into your ramekins until it gets all the way to the top. ADD THE MIX TO THE RAMEKIN. You are going to continue that until all of them are full. REFRIGERATE UNTIL CHILLED.