Spaghetti Carbonara

What Inside

5 Minutes 2 Persons


1 Cup Swiss Premium Original Cream Cheese Spread 

1 Packet Spaghetti 

1 Cup Milk 

1 Bottle Italian Seasoning 

1 Packet Beef Bacon 

1 Whole Garlic 

1 Packet Fresh Parsley 

Grated Cheese / Parmesan Cheese 

Whole Black Pepper 


Cooking Steps

CUT CORIANDER. CUT STEAK INTO CUBES. SHRED CHEESE AND PUT ASIDE. ADD SWISS PREMIUM SPREAD. ADD HERBS. ADD MILK. MIX THE PASTE AND SET ASIDE. Alright tou sab se pehlay humein garlic saute karna in butter. SAUTE BUTTER. Aap ki marzi hai aap log olive oil bhi use kar sakte ho. I prefer butter because you know, it always tastes better. TBS GARLIC. You wanna do about 1 tablespoon of garlic. You wanna saute that until its just golden brown. SAUTE UNTIL GOLDEN BROWN.  We have already have all our prep ready tou is recipe ke andar jo likha hai neechay theek hai bacon hai we have already sliced and cooked the bacon from beforehand. Jab aap ka garlic thora sa golden brown hojata hai then you can add your bacon. ADD BACON. And pepper. ADD PEPPER. We like using a lot of pepper. Carbonara ka matlab ye hai charcoal. So you wanna really get into a lot of pepper. As your garlic has started to get brown, you can add a little bit of salt. ADD SALT. I like to salt it from now. Remember its always easier to keep all of your ingredients handy in front of you takay jaldi se kaam hojaye. Theek hai while this is happening you want to mix 3-4 tablespoons of Swiss Premium Cream Cheese with 1 tablespoon water and half a tablespoon of italian seasoning. Hum log ye pehlay se kar chukay hain. Then you wanna add that to your garlic bacon mixture. ADD PREPARED SEASONING. Is ko thora sa pakana hai. You dont want it to overcook so that the cream cheese doesn’t split. Theek hai hum logon ne apna pasta pehlay se bana ke rakha hai as per the same instructions that are on the box. Thora sa pasta ka water aap ne rakhna hai jis ke andar starch hota hai, you add this to your mixture here. ADD STARCH WATER. Is se hota yai he ke then your cream cheese will stick nicely to your pasta. Is ko thora sa aap paknay dijiye. The water slowly evaporates. You wanna reduce your sauce down to 3/4ths in quantity. And depend karta hai how you like your pasta. If you like it really saucy, not so saucy, woh aap ke upar hai, jitna zyada aap ko saucy chaiye, you can just put in more of your cream cheese mixture and your reserve pasta water. (If you feel that has cooked nicely, apna jo cooked spaghetti hai) ADD BOILED SPAGHETTI. You can use any pasta for this, I personally like spaghetti, my son likes spaghetti. We only keep spaghetti in our house. And you really wanna get the sauce to cover the entire pasta. MIX WELL. Theek hai you wanna let that cook a little more. You wanna add half of your parmesan to this now so that its even more nice and cheesy. GARNISH CHEESE. Jesay hi aap ko lagta hai ke aap ka sauce ne sara spaghetti ko coat kar liya hai. Once your pasta is fully coated in the sauce and your parmesan cheese is melted, you will transfer it on to your serving dish and you will garnish it with the remaining parsley and parmesan. Alright and there you have it, a quick and easy pasta, done within 5 minutes, made with Pakistan’s only manufactured Swiss Premium Cream Cheese Spread. Mazay ka paneer.